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Our House in Lebak

Someone asked about life in this small coastal town… where do we live, what is our house like, how do we cook and eat, how do we bathe?

Because there are so many questions about out personal lives I’ll try to add some video clips and maybe some images showing out life there.

Please keep in mind that this is a small village/town in a very isolated location on the Island of Mindanao and life here is very rustic and simple compared to the larger cities in the Philippines.

Simple Is Better!



Ansino Family Coffee Farm Coffee Processer

An interview with our partner Vivencio M. Necesito Jr. (Jun Jun) at his processing plant in Lebak. The local growers bring their crops to him for drying and processing. We will work with…


Lebak coffee processer interview

We interview Mr. Vivencio M. Necesito Jr., our friend and partner in Lebak that processes coffee.




Lebak coffee sun drying process

The local growers bring their coffee to the processer to dry the ripe cherries and then to process the dried fruit to extract the green coffee beans.



Lebak coffee processer new technique

We are working  on a new technique that cuts two days off of the processing time.  It’s a water/wet process that extracts the green coffee bean from the ripe cherry without the need for solar drying.