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From The Coffee Farms To You…

An Adventure for Lovers of Exotic Coffees and Supporters of Small Organic Farms

A Rare and Unique New Brand of Coffee may soon be available to YOU at affordable prices … a special organic coffee that is grown in the mountainous jungles of the Philippine Island of Mindanao. 

This coffee is hand-picked, the fruit is dried on a slab in the hot tropical sun and then slowly processed into green coffee beans, ready to be roasted, ground, brewed, and served.

This is a special tropical coffee… grown in the shade, at high altitudes, in rich volcanic soils…so fresh and delicate and exotic… a fine high quality variety that, once experienced, will leave your taste buds screaming for more.

But, we need your HELP to bring it to the masses!

Interested in hearing more?

My Book: The Absolute Best Cup of Coffee

One of the Perks included in our Indigogo project is a copy of my book and a DVD that I will produce.  Someone asked about the book… it’s available on Amazon right now in printed form but I will offer a digital ebook version on the Perk.

If you want to take a quick peek at the book, go here.  This link is for the hard copy (print) version of the book.  The Digital/ebook will only be available on the Indigogo Perk.

coffee book

Our Coffee Label


This is the label we had designed for our coffee. I’m thinking of a way to use the colorful art for the coffee cups and Tshirts. Any ideas?

Arabica vs Robusta coffee beans

In our Indigogo project we talk a lot about introducing a new variety of Arabica tree to our farms. The Robusta bean grown here is a very simple and strong variety that is mostly used in making instant coffee.

The Arabica bean is a higher quality bean, more sophisticated, more complex, and the flavors are unbeatable. Most famous high quality coffees are an Arabica variety.

We do have some Arabica trees on our coffee farms and I picked a few beans so you could see the difference. I hand picked these beans, dried them in the sun, hand processed and extracted the green beans.

I fire roasted the beans and ground them and brewed some coffee. Amazing! One of the best cups of coffee I ever experienced! These beans, grown in these conditions, will become a favorite of the true coffee lovers of the world.

Elmer and Toto… our future!

Here is a short clip with Elmer(on the left) and Toto (yellow shirt).

Elmer is the husband of our founding father’s grand daughter and Toto is his grandson. Toto spent many hot days in the mountains and coffee trees with his grandfather and remembers him with a smile on his face.

These young men and their families and children are the future of this project and it’s continuing success.

We welcome them with open arms!

Old Fashioned Processing and Roasting of Coffee Beans

While in Cavite touring the coffee farms, we  had an opportunity to process some coffee beans that we had purchased from the small farmers.

These videos show the whole process of hand processing and roasting the beans and eventually making some coffee.



Cavite Drying Slab

More Video footage from the Cavite Coffee farm…

Cavite Coffee Farm Drying Slab

Cavite Coffee Farm

More footage taken at the Coffee farm in Cavite.

Coffee Farm In Cavite

Walk Through Coffee Farm in Cavite

When I first got involved in ‘Coffee’ in the Philippines I did some research and explored some growing regions to see what they were doing…  how they grew the coffee… how they processed it.

This is a video clip of one of my visits to a coffee farm… this one is in Cavite (Island of Luzon).


Walk Through a Coffee Farm in Cavite