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About Us

Who Are We?

Why Ansino Family?

In most of the finest coffee labels you will find that the coffee is being offered by a family farm or private estate.

It is important to understand that bringing a quality coffee product to market is a complicated and expensive proposition. It requires specific knowledge of the entire process from planting to harvesting and processing and ready for market.  It requires a total dedication to the operation and extreme focus on daily activities. It requires a love of not only the coffee farm but also of the people who work there and help in nurturing the success of the business.

It’s not a one man show… someone needs to lead the parade!

That’s the secret…

In our little corner of the world, the entire coffee growing is done by individuals working alone.  Each small farmer manages his own small grove of trees… he tends the grove, picks the crop himself… and he hauls his ripe coffee cherries to the drying slab nearby or to the processor in town… a bag at a time…. usually strapped to the back of a motorcycle.

Working individually, the farmer often doesn’t have the resources to pay for help, for tools and supplies, and for transportation.  He does what he can with what he has and lives with the results.  He lives his life day to day, crop to crop; paying last year’s expenses with this year’s income. Usually it’s not enough and he has to borrow money.

Some are successful and most are not.

Everything you read about here, all of our efforts as a family, this entire project and body of work, is a community effort.  We don’t own these small farms… only our own…  and we don’t dictate to the farmers… only help them… our goals to improve our own business are directly linked to the success of the  ‘Whole’ effort … we help ourselves by helping others.

When you read about the Ansino Family Coffee Farm you are reading about a ‘Brand’ for the general small farming and coffee growing population in the region.  When you buy our beans they will be a portion of a larger crop than just from our small farm… they will come from an organized ‘cooperative’ of all of the participating small farmers in the region.

The quality and uniqueness will always be there… bean by bean.